5 benefits of buying adjustable slats

So with the mountain of information available about buying mattresses, the other support system is largely forgotten.  The slats, ensemble base or bed base of any kind (including the floor if that’s your thing) plays a huge roll in supplying your sleep support.  Luckily, I think the bed base is a much easier decision.  Slats have come a long way from simply being solid timber planks that start falling out the bottom of your bed whenever your bed frame shifts.  Now, they are sophisticated ergonomic support systems that can completely transform how you sleep.

Firstly – on the issue of slats vs. an ensemble base.  Slats are my pick as they allow better air flow, and they do not support dust mites or allergens.  They also sit in bed frames so you can choose any bed you love.

Secondly – once you’ve opted for a slat base there are a range of options.  Curved ‘Euro slats’ are fairly common place now, these offer flexible support and are available in a wide variety of quality levels.  Look for high quality connectors to the frame, and a very flexible construction.  Lower quality slats are more likely to snap, or be noisy if the connections aren’t secure.  Higher quality models you won’t have any issues with.

Thirdly – there is also the option to have adjustable firmness on some or all of your slats.  Adjustable slats have a slider that allows you to control the firmness.  For me, this is an easy decision.  This functionality makes so munch sense, see my top 5 benefits below.

1) Adjustable slats are the perfect solution for partners

He is bigger than you and needs more support or she prefers a very firm mattress where you like pillowy softness? No two couples are the same, and it’s unlikely both people in the couple want and need exactly the same thing.  Adjustable slats allows each person to customise the firmness on their side, but still sleep on the same mattress.  End of arguments!

2) Pregnant? Losing weight? Gaining weight? Ageing? 

If you’re not all of those things at some stage, you’re at least one, and that means adjustable slats are a better choice than non-adjustable slats.  As your body changes it needs different levels of support.  Based purely on weight fluctuations over the years this is correct, but also, as you age, sleeping becomes more difficult.  You will find being able to adapt your bed to your changing needs will help resolve that feeling of “give me a new bed for every birthday after I turn 40 please”.

3) An adjustable slat base will probably make your mattress better

Have you ever bought new runners only to find they weren’t quite what you hoped? They were comfy in the store, but as soon as you went  for a run, your ankles and knees ached when they shouldn’t? Then, when you slipped in an insole or foam support they magically transformed to the best runners you’ve every had? That’s what it  is like when you buy a new mattress and find it’s not all you hoped for.  Mattresses are big investments, before you splurge on another one, pimp your base first .  It might be your new mattress just needed some support tweaks for it to be the mattress of your dreams.

4) Retain your mattresses support over the years

It’s completely normal for mattresses to soften, stretch or lose some of their support over the years.  This is particularly frustrating for those who love a good firm mattress (but not tooo firm of course – as that’s not good).  With an adjustable slat base you can counteract this problem, by adjusting your slats to a little firmer every 6 or 12 months.

5) Minimise mattress buyers remorse from the get go

Shopping for a mattress is pretty scary.  You will spend most of your time over the next few years sleeping there, so there’s a lot of pressure to make the right decision.  Take some of the heartache away by opting for an adjustable slat base – then when you get your new mattress and slats home, you can simply adjust away until you strike the perfect balance.

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