Mattress Core


• For optimal sleeping the mattress is best suited to a Dorsal slat bed base, adequately rigid, and able to facilitate proper air circulation.
• The mattress must be the same size as the base, and in any case the mattress must not be any larger than the base.
• In order for the mattress to adequately settle in the first few months of daily use the mattress should be rotated* (recommended every 2 weeks for the first 3 months). After this 3 months, in order to minimise body impressions the mattress should be rotated* every 3 months and turned**every 6 months.* Rotated- Turned head to toe (180°C)
** Turned- Flipped over (Monocell, Duocell, Triocell models only)
• Never turn the mattress on your own; to avoid personal injury 2 people should move the mattress together.
• Protect your mattress from any liquid, the mattress warranty will become void if liquid of any kind is spilt on the mattress and/or necessary hygienic precautions are not adopted.
• We advise against washing the mattress’s inner core, refer to the supplier/manufacturer if that becomes absolutely necessary.
• Latex mattress’s must never be exposed to sunlight or placed close to heat sources (applies only to Latex ‘Solelay’ model)
• Regularly remove dust build up on the mattress surface with a soft brush, do not use a vacuum cleaner, and do not beat the mattress.
• The mattress should be allowed time to air after being initially removed from its plastic packaging, we recommend 24-48 hours.
• Follow all care instructions attached to the mattress covers.


SoftCare Mattress Cover


• It is recommended to dust the cover weekly using a soft brush to remove any dust build up, do not use a vacuum cleaner, don not beat the mattress.
• In case of stains do not use chemical products or solvents. Do not use a steam machine.
• All Dorsal Covers are washable, a suggested 6 month cycle period is recommended to wash the cover in order to keep it fresh, clean and healthy. Always follow the care instructions attached to the cover, as outlined below:


Wash Instruction


Hand and machine washable (60°C maximum)
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry
Dry Washing – do not use high temperatures, use small amounts of water, specific solvents are required.


* Covers should be washed alone, do not wash with other items/clothing/garments.
* Use less washing powder/liquid, the covers tend to foam up more creating an excess of foam that will not rinse out properly on a normal rinse cycle.
* Washing machine spin setting should be set to delicate.
* The temperature indicated on the tag is a maximum (60°C), where possible lower temperatures should be used; this will guarantee a longer life to the cover and less energy consumption.  Most washing powders/liquids will work at a 40 setting.
* The cover should be air dried away from direct sunlight


Safety Notes


• This mattress is not flame proof or fire proof and can ignite or burn if exposed to open flame or fire. Do not ever expose this mattress to open flames or fire and never smoke in bed.
• Plastic packaging should be disposed of immediately, do not allow children to play with plastic packaging, suffocation can occur.


Repair and Assistance


• In the rare instance that you are facing quality issues, do not attempt to fix it on your own; instead contact your local dealer for advice. (Sydney: Beyond Furniture 1300 11 22 33)

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