The key to a great sleep is finding your perfect sleep system


1. Mattress
Begin by choosing a natural mattress from the Grand Soleil range to suit your body type. Your spine should be in a straight, aligned position for a great night sleep.


2. Cover
Adding a touch of softness to your sleep, it disperses and evaporates humidity, reduces pressure points for a good night sleep while preserving your mattress.


3. Slats
Even the best mattress is ineffective without the correct base. With a range of slats to choose from, customising your support structure has never been so easy.


4. Pillows
The final touch to the perfect sleep system is choosing the correct pillow to suit your specific needs and to relieve neck and shoulder aches.



Why you need to choose a great mattress


We spend one third of our life in bed, so choosing a good mattress is an investment on our health. Some people may not place importance on their mattress quality though an incorrect choice can cause fatigue, back and neck pain and allergies, keeping you from performing your best in day to day life.


Choosing the most suitable mattress for you is subjective, it depends on your body weight and personal preferences for softness and firmness. The objective elements like the mattress materials and its corresponding bed base are also important to consider when you buy a mattress. A good mattress, whether it is spring or foam, should be able to offer your body the support it needs while distributing body weight evenly. The top layer of the mattress must be able to contour to your body shape, relieving pressure points and should incorporate a great air circulation system for a comfortable sleep.


Using Germany technology, our Grand Soleil Natural Mattresses are made in Italy and incorporate these important structural elements. These mattresses are made from natural oils, like sunflower oil. As these resources used are renewable, their availability is practically inexhaustible and they are totally environmentally friendly.


1. The Grand Soleil natural mattresses are perfect for the Australian climate as the foam is made using an open-cell structure. This creates ‘breathability’ or natural air circulation characteristics preventing the mattress from getting hot in summer, yet allowing it to stay warm in winter. Great air circulation creates a fresh and healthy sleep environment at all times.


2. For great comfort and support, seven core zones with different grades of firmness follow the curves of the body and provide optimal support. Grand Soleil mattresses conform perfectly to your body contours, supporting your shoulders and hips. Every time you move, twist or turn, the mattress responds, effortlessly cradling every curve of your body, regardless of your sleep position. By minimizing pressure points, it promotes normal blood flow, which relieves back and neck pain.


3. Minimal partner disturbance is essential in achieving a satisfying sleep. Movement on one side of the Grand Soleil mattresses results in less movement on the other side.


4. Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, fungus-free and dust mite resistant, the Grand Soleil mattresses are a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.


5. The Long lifespan of all Grand Soleil mattresses is due to a double crushing process used to stabilize the structure and reduce sagging over a long period. It can last more than 10 years with minimal maintenance.


The Natural Mattress needs very minimal maintenance. To keep a mattress in top condition, make sure you rotate the mattress 180 degrees, swapping the head and feet ends every 3 months and flip the mattress every 6 months (don’t flip┬áMemory Foam Mattress). Air the mattress for a couple of hours when you change the bed linen or cover to let the moisture evaporate.


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