Pillow Covers

Pillow case made in the revolutionary Sleep Dry fabric that keeps the pillow dry, creating the ideal conditions for perfect sleep. Machine washable at 60°C. Pillow case in a natural fabric made of bamboo fibre and 100% cotton. The wonderful qualities of bamboo fibre and cotton merge in Namboo and the result is a pillow case with extraordinary natural characteristics: breathable,...
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Mattress Covers

The right mattress is the one that incorporates the physical characteristics and sleeping habits of each individual. To choose “your own” mattress it is essential to measure the comfort you seek. Dorsal is distinguished by its offer of a wide assortment of extremely refined covers. The smallest detail of any of our fabrics is treated with care, they are pleasant to...
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Mattress Toppers

Dorsal 'UP'- A comfortable Pillow Top made to Embrace You 'UP' mattress toppers adapt to all types of mattress to provide new sensations of wellbeing. The mattress topper ensures uniform body pressure and perfect anatomical adaption, to alleviate compression and minimise pressure points. The core is made from NaturMemory Foam, the first memory foam based on natural oils, it features the latest...
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