Perfect anatomical support

Dorsals Dynamic Slats may be purchased for use in Beyond Furniture™ beds, or purchased separately to complement your Grand Soleil by Dorsal mattress. The Dynamic Slats are controlled with a remote control that adjusts the head, the feet, or both together. The slat base itself features the seven core zone technology:


1. Moderate support under the head.

2. Soft and comfortable shoulder area.

3. Firmer support, reinforced with Dynaflex slats, on the lower back area Multizone SAR.

4. Hip (lumbar) area reinforced with Dynaflex slats Multizone SAR

5. Moderate support for the thigh area.

6. Comfortable soft calf area.

7. Moderate support under the feet.

The slats are fixed to the frame with dynamic joints made of Hyrtel, an elastic memory material that provides that base with flexibility and durability.


Electric Adjustable Base: Raise and lower the head and the foot with an easy to use remote control.

King: Comes with two pieces of bedframe and the option for one remote control to adjust the whole bed or two controls for independent movement.

Queen: Comes with one bedframe and one remote control to adjust the whole bed.
KING (1850x2030x350) QUEEN (1520x2030x350)
SLATS ONLY $3300 $2900
BASE AS PICTURED $3430 $3030
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Innovative Features

Posturepedic Mattress Standards Posturepedic Mattress Standards Posturepedic Mattress Standards


Dynamic joints are made of Hyrtel, an elastic memory material that provides the base with great flexibility and long life – they raise above the edge of the frame, making the base flexible at each and every point.


Posturepedic Mattress Standards Total relaxation provided by the first seven zones bed frame with variable level of comfort to guarantee a unique support to the body.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards Anatomical system with multiple adjustment. Sliders positioned between the upper and lower slats in the back and lumbar region can be used to adjust the amount of pressure exerted by the body and increase the level of comfort.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards Material with an elastic memory to give the base excellent, progressive flexibility that lasts.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards Exclusive Dorsal slats are reinforced by special patented inserts that increase load resistance by 40% and moisture resistance by 35%. A Dorsal exclusive
Posturepedic Mattress Standards The head and feet sections can be adjusted at will, at the touch of a button, choosing from a variety of different positions for utter relaxation.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards Positioned in the head and feet sections, they are designed to offer a perfect base and to fully support the mattress.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards The slat holders have different degree of hardness (Shore hardness) depending on the different level of body pressure.
Posturepedic Mattress Standards Adjustable, used to adapt the level of firmness in the back and lumbar region to suit personal requirements.



Posturepedic Mattress Standards EC (European Community) declaration of conformity in accordance with EEC directive 98/37, formerly 392/89, and subsequent supplements, appendix II point A. Dorsal is authorized to affix CE Marking, which is applied on all motor-driven anatomical bed bases for the safety and protection of the end consumer. Products with CE marking also come with a user manual.

Posturepedic Mattress Standards German certification agency and quality inspection of production process of beech slats used on Dorsal frames.

Posturepedic Mattress Standards German institute where tests of resistance to weight, humidity and breaking are run on the exclusive patented Dynaflex beech slats.


Italian DYNAMIC Motoried Bed Slats, Available In King & Queen Size


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