Elisir 5000 Mattress

Elisir 5000 Mattress

The Elisir mattress was specifically developed to address the sleep requirements of those aged 40 and over. The result is an innovative solution that provides a heat regulated, anatomical & load bearing restorative sleep for all age groups. The Elisir has addressed difficulties in falling asleep, and the exclusive heat regulating solution means no more waking up to sudden hot flashes.

The Qualities of the Elisir

  • Elisir is anatomical: it helps your body maintain the right positions during sleep, freeing it of tension and rigidity. Your shoulders and joints are in a more natural position and this will help to reduce muscular and joint pain.
  • Elisir is comfortable: The unique combination of materials and zoning, designed to offer perfect anatomical support, is also amazingly comfortable, which provides a relaxing sleep to help recover energy.
  • Elisir is load bearing: The material is designed to bear heavy loads, it is suitable for all builds and will provide a comfortable and restorative sleep for all shapes and sizes.
  • Elisir is breathable: humidity is absorbed and dispersed to eliminate the annoyance of waking up due to a sudden flash of heat.
  • Elisier is hygienic and non-allergenic.
What is a Gel Mousse Mattress?

The Elisir 5000 is made up of 3 core layers and a cover.

  1. Natur Memory Gel: created through an exclusive Dorsal Process; this is the fusion of Mousse gel and Natur Memory. It guaruntees heat regulation and breathability and helps to disperse body heat. The material models itself to the body and becomes the perfect support that brings relief to compression points. It also actively reacts to changes in sleep position, so that you are not woken or deep sleep is not disturbed. Natur Memory Gel forms the top layer of the Elisir 5000.
  2. Mousse: The Mousse is the middle layer, it is a highly adaptable natural material, viscoelastic but not heat sensitive. It is the perfect material for the shoulder and calves area for a more restorative sleep.
  3. Triocell: The base layer of the mattress is Dorsal’s Triocell foam. Dorsal’s top of the line, open cell natural foam.

What makes it unique?

The unique advantage of the Elisir 5000 lies in the Natur Memory Gel product. This innovative product has addressed the issue of room temperatures (or mattress environment) altering the state of memory foam. For example, in a very hot or a very cold room, memory foam will behave differently than it will in its ideal temperature. This can cause heat flushes or the mattress not reactive immediately to changes in position, both of which can disturb sleep. By injecting the Mousse gel into Memory Foam, the material can regulate heat, meaning it performs the same in any temperature and eliminates these issues.

What are the Benefits?

Thanks to its unique characteristics this mattress is truly adaptable to the needs of those who suffer from joint rigidity, circulation difficulties and problems in controlling body temperature.

The layer of Natur Memory has the flexible ability to adapt to body contours without losing its strength, due to the effect of the covering layer of Mousse gel that disperses excess heat and reduces the heat sensitivity properties of Natur Memory. The 2 Mousse pads envelope the limbs to lessen strain on the shoulders and hips.

Dorsal’s products for rest® are designed, made and tested in collaboration with the Italian Physiotherapists Association.

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