Visco-Etoile Mattress

‘Etoile’ Natural Memory Foam Mattress

The Best of Both WorldsThe ‘Etoile’ natural memory foam mattress is an ideal balance between the support of Grand Soleil Monocell foam and the pressure relieving properties and comfort of natural memory foam.  The mattress is constructed from 11cm of Monocell foam on the bottom, for superior support which matches the bodies movement perfectly; on top is 7cm of NaturMemory Foam (Visco-Elastic), a heat sensitive foam that shapes perfectly to your body, it provides superior pressure relief and comfort. The laser cut surface is zoned into 7 core zones to correspond and react to key parts of the body.
The Etoile Natural Memory Foam Mattress has the following key benefits:

It is Natural, Breathable, Open Cell & Lightweight.
The memory foam is the first natural oil based memory foam.
The mattress has received a medical grade certification in Italy, it is ideal for people who have an injury or spend prolonged periods of time in bed.
Read more about the key features and material properties below.


Key Features & Benefits

Grand Soil NaturMemory FoamA perfect Anatomical Support, NaturMemory is a heat sensitive foam (memory foam, visco elastic) that shapes perfectly to your body. It is ideal for pressure relieving as it models itself and adapts perfectly to the natural curves of the body, distributing the weight over the entire supporting surface. It relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greater load, ensuring great comfort and relaxation, whatever position the body assumes.
Breathable and Anti-Allergenic, unlike traditional visco elastic on the market, NaturMemory is remarkable for its composition based on sunflower oil and water. It is odourless and also “breathes”: qualities obtained by a special working process that gives it an open cell structure. This features make NaturMemory a anallergic and antibacterial material.Grand Soiel Monocell FoamThe composing cells of the the Monocell foam structure are all the same size, resulting in a material that supports the body and matches the bodies movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative and comfortable sleep.  The Grand Soleil Monocell Foam is made from renewable resources and is odourless, anti-allergenic, antibacterial and breathable.


Sizes & Prices


KING SINGLE (1070x2030x180) DOUBLE (1380x1880x180) QUEEN (1520x2030x180) KING (1850x2030x180)
PRICE $1850 $2350 $2450 $2890
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Innovative Features

Grand Soleil cellular system
Innovative line of mattresses and pillows made with raw materials from renewable natural resources, such as sunflower oil and water. Three different molecular compositions: Monocellular, Bi-cellular, Multicellular. A Dorsal exclusive

NaturMemory pressure system
The first natural-oil-based Memory Foam. Its natural qualities are blended with exceptional comfort properties. It alleviates pressure, distributing the weight of the body evenly over the whole mattress, for a more peaceful, deeper sleep. A Dorsal exclusive


The cells are all the same size. It supports the body and matches its movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative, comfortable sleep.


7 zones
Seven zones cores with different grades of firmness to follow correctly the curves of the body and provide optimal support.


Especially recommended for people who want to avoid (or already suffer) dustmite allergies.



UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000
Dorsal became ISO 9001 registered in 2001 and renewed certification in 2003 and 2005, conforming to the Vision 2000 standard. Every level of Dorsal organization is involved in this quality process, whose final aim is to increase the company competitiveness and pursue total customer satisfaction.


EC declaration of conformity in accordance with EEC directive 98/37, formerly 392/89, and subsequent supplements, appendix II point A. Dorsal is authorized to affix CE Marking, which is applied on all motor-driven anatomical bed bases for the safety and protection of the end consumer. Products with CE marking also come with a user manual.


Dorsal is a member of the Catas Test Laboratory (used for tests on bed bases and mattresses).


The Oeko Tex Standard 100 (baby products class) provides assurance that the product contains no substances that are harmful to humans and that manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and CFC-free.


The creation of the innovative material has already been given the support of C.A.R.M.E.N., an important renewable resources coordination centre in Baviera: this collaboration fully testifies to the environmental awareness of Grand Soleil.


Mattress Covers

Sleep Dry Mattress Cover

Cotton cover with a layer of Softcare foam disperses and evaporates moisture while creating a plush feel.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 60°C.

Naturagento Mattress Cover

Silver fibre and Tencel with softcare filling disperse static electricity and provide a hygienic sleeping environment.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 60°C.


Bamboo Mattress Cover

Made from Bamboo yarn with a cotton filling, great for the warmer months.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 30°C.


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