Why go with natural mattresses?


Technology has brought us a plethora of electronic devices and as we all know that electricity and metal can create magnetic field, chaotic magnetic field will affect our health in the long term. For this reason more and more people prefer natural mattresses other than spring mattresses, especially when we spend one third of our life in bed.Comfort Mattress Magnetic
The Grand Soleil mattress is one of the latest innovations for quality sleep, it is made from vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil. As the resources used are renewable, their availability is practically inexhaustible and they are totally environmentally friendly. Grand Soleil mattresses are created for sleep sensation and comfort whilst protecting our environment. It is the best solution for quality sleep today. With the latest technology and sophisticated process, the Grand Soleil mattress has the following benefits:1.The foam is made up of open cells; it has natural self ventilating characteristics. Great air circulation creates a fresh and healthy sleep environment at all times.2.Great comfort with support. Grand Soleil mattresses conform perfectly to your body contours, giving way to accommodate your shoulders and hips. Every time you move, twist or turn, the mattress responds, effortlessly cradling every curve of your body, regardless of your sleep position. By minimising pressure points, it promotes normal blood flow, which relieves back and neck pain.

3.Minimal partner disturbance. Movement on one side of the mattress does not result in movement on the other side.

4.Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, fungus-free and dustmite resistant. It is a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

5.Long life. All Grand Soleil mattresses are subject to a special crushing process to stabilize the structure and reduce sagging over a long period. It can last 10 years with minimal maintenance.

6.Sleep Dry and Soft Care cover. All models have zip-off, machine-washable Sleep Dry covers which disperse and evaporate humidity for a more restful sleep. The Soft Care pressure-balanced filling adds more breathable, natural comfort.


Get Healthy and Improve Your Life by Going Natural


Most people are currently sleeping on mattresses made from synthetic, petro-chemical produced fabrics, foams and padding, many with metal springs; some of these mattresses containing harmful synthetic fibres release toxins, harbour allergens, moulds and mildews, not only does this create an unhygienic sleep environment, it has negative, often chronic effects on our health and bodies, our ageing process and our mental well-being.Diet, exercise and good sleep are the 3 foundations for a healthy body, good sleep is the easiest to achieve, yet the most neglected. We spend one third of our life in ours beds, good sleep is crucial for optimal health. The natural mattress and Dorsal sleep system is the latest in European sleep research and innovation, it offers advanced comfort and function for healthy, restorative sleep.


Tired? Irritable? Yawned Today?


Being tired or drowsy during the day, yawning, forgetfulness and reduced co-ordination are all symptoms of sleep deprivation. Adequate sleep is necessary for body healing, cell renewal, immunity and mental clarity, the following processes occur during your REM sleep:1. Your daily stress and information is cleared out

2. Your hormone levels are stabilised

3. Your digestive system has increased activity

4. Your immune system is boosted through the creation of white blood cells

5. Your skin is reconfigured
For these functions to occur your body requires REM sleep, REM sleep can only be reached with undisturbed sleep, achieved through a combination of constant temperature, correct posture, comfort and an absence of environmental disturbances including noise and partner. Once REM sleep is reached, for optimal healing the body requires unobscured blood circulation. The natural mattress provides great support and air circulation; it distributes body weight evenly which reduces pressure points that restrict your blood flow.

Sleep deprivation can occur from not enough sleep hours, or interrupted sleep patterns, if you are uncomfortable, not supported correctly, suffer partner disturbance, allergic reactions, aches, pains or numbness you will not achieve adequate REM sleep for body restoration. Sleep deprivation can cause tiredness, irritability, cognitive impairment, memory lapse, impaired immune function, reduced co-ordination; it also increases the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease (through increased heart rate variability).

REM sleep should be around 20-25% of adult sleep time, you can increase your ability to reach REM sleep with a better sleep system, a sleep system such as Dorsal’s is a holistic approach to sleep, a synergy between frame, mattress and pillow addresses each aspect of achieving a better nights sleep.


Do you suffer from aches? Pains? Numbness?


Have you ever suffered from numbness when you sleep? Often wake up with a ‘dead arm’? That occurs when the blood supply is cut off to that part of your body; that numbness indicates cells dying. The worst part is, your sleep has been interrupted, you have not reached REM sleep, and cell renewal has not occurred.Back, Neck and body aches can be caused by incorrect support while you sleep, with the right support you can eliminate aches, alleviate chronic pain, and prevent future problems; correct support ensures correct spinal alignment which permits your muscles to relax, and promotes good blood flow, eliminating aches and pains, pins and needles, cramping, numbness and reduce clotting.

If your mattress is too firm or too soft it pushes your spine out of alignment, this is the cause of aches and pains during the day. Ordinary mattress will cause pressure points which will hinder blood circulation, increase risk of blood clots, it is also a contributing factor to Sleep Apnia, it can cause air to become stuck in your respiratory tract and stop you breathing for short periods of time.

Proper support can only be achieved through an advanced sleep system that includes your bed frame, a supportive natural mattress and a comfortable pillow. The Dorsal natural sleep system has been designed for improved health, and is endorsed by Italian Physiotherapists, all their mattresses have passed Italian standards for pressure distribution and pressure relief, with some mattresses achieving a medical grade certification.


The Dorsal Natural Sleep System


The Dorsal Natural Sleep System is made up of the patented Dorsal Varial Slats, Grand Soleil Natural Mattress Range, and Grand Soleil Pillow Range, all manufactured, and hand finished in Italy. It is the latest in European research and innovation, made possible with the most advanced German technology. Currently Europe is the world leader in sleep systems, having made the shift to natural, toxin free beds years ago.The Dorsal Natural Sleep System takes the holistic approach to address all aspects of a healthy sleep:

1. Natural, non-toxic materials, better for you, and better for the environment.

2. An inhospitable environment for dust mites and allergens resulting in better health for allergy sufferers.

3. Hygienic design with removable and washable covers.

4. Correct support, reduced pressure points for better circulation and cell renewal.

5. Temperature regulation, ideal for the Australian climate.

6. Cushioned softness for undisturbed sleep.

7. Advanced Slat system, offering superior support, strength, and flexibility,

8. Natural Pillow Range designed for correct neck support, and a hygienic sleep.

9, A slimline form that compliments all bedrooms.

A Dorsal Natural Sleep System is an investment in your health, when you sleep better, you feel better, you perform better, you look better and you live longer, and all you have to do is sleep on it!


Natural Comfort Mattress Guaranteed absence of harmful substances for the human organism. With eco-compatible work processes, without CFC gases Thermo-recyclable
Organic Best Mattress The creation of the innovative material has already been given the support of C.A.R.M.E.N., an important renewable resources coordination centre in Baviera: this collaboration fully testifies to the environmental awareness of Grand Soleil.


The Benefits of Foam Mattress

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