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2 years with a Triocell mattress & Super slats

We asked staff member Lana their thoughts on the Triocell mattress & Super slats two years down the track So we know Lana was thrilled with her mattress after a few months.  The combination of Triocell medium mattress, super slats and triocell softcare pillows were comfortable, eased aches and pains and eliminated the pins and needles she was getting in her arm...
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Triocell Softcare Contour Pillow

Triocell Softcare Pillows, pressure balanced Grand Soleil foam, guarantee an even distribution of the pressure, making this pillow very comfortable and light. In this version it comes with two different heights and a neck-support shape. The surface is contoured to give a massaging effect and an unbeatable comfort. Totally washable (hand and washing machine) it comes with a 100% jersey protection...
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Triocell Softcare Soap Pillow

Designed to be a part of the total Dorsal sleep system, or used on its own the Dorsal pillow is made from Grand Soleil Foam and offers the same health benefits as our top of the line trio cell mattress. The pillow is made from open cell foam, allowing air to circulate and maintain an even temperature while you sleep;...
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Therapeutic Contour Pillow

This is a neck pillows made with NaturMemory (Grand Soleil, natural oil based). This model is developed to perfectly hold the cervical area. The memory foam (visco elastic) has a auto-shaping property that allows the pillow to adapt to the shape of head and neck. The feeling is total and utter relaxation. Available in two covers, both removable and the...
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