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Triocell Grand Soleil Mattress

People’s Choice The Grand Soleil Triocell Mattress is our most popular model due to its superior support and comfort, pressure relieving properties and health properties.  You can select from Soft, Medium & Firm support in the Triocell model, making the Triocell the best mattress for those with particular comfort requirements.
The Triocell has a cellular structure made up of 3 sized cells, 1/3 are large sized cells for for support, 1/3 are medium sized cells for balanced pressure and 1/3 are small sizes cells for uncompromising comfort.  The resulting product is a top of the line mattress that is recommended  for those who suffer an injury or those who understand the importance of sleeping well.
The complex surface grid made from vertical and horizontal cutting patterns is designed to distribute the pressure of the body over the entire surface of the mattress.  The tear drop shaped profile cuts form the seven core zones, designed to correctly support the different parts of the body.  The surface is made up of diamond shaped squares that provide pain relief and a natural massaging effect.


Key Features & Benefits

A Better Night’s SleepThe latest European innovation.The Grand Soleil natural mattress was invented to provide you with a good night’s sleep with comfort and relaxation. Because when you sleep:

Your nerve system, immune system and musculoskeletal system recovers from the strains of every day life, this is a crucial step for your health.
Your cells re-connect, and re-new, daily stresses and information are cleared out.
Your hormone levels are stabilized, your digestive system is functioning efficiently, and your skin is reconfigured to keep your body regenerated.
Deep sleep also helps improve unconscious learning processes and memory, enhance cognitive functions; it also refreshes your brain to solve difficult tasks.


Triocell Technology
Technology, innovation and comfort make this the top-of-the- range product, based on a combined structure incorporating three types of cells (33% large – 33% medium – 33% small). A perfect blend of support (large cells), balanced pressure (medium cells) and uncompromising comfort (small cells) in this material means the resulting product can soothe muscular tension and provide the body with total relaxation in every position.


Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Allergenic & Hygienic

The Grand Soleil foams have an open cell structure that gives it high breathability.  The structure of the core acts like a natural sponge that encourages air to circulate, eliminating problems caused by moisture and humidity, it is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers and provides a fresh and health sleep environment for everyone.


7 Core Zones

The tear-drop cuts and surface profiling are designed in 7 core zones, the depth of the cuts and the various profiles are designed to react the different parts of the body to relive pressure and reduce aches and pains. The surface is made up of diamond shaped squares that have a natural massaging effect and offer pain relief.


Available In Soft, Medium & Firm

The Triocell is available in your choice of Soft, Medium or Firm to cater to your personal requirements & preferences.


Sizes & Prices

SIZE KING SINGLE (1070x2030x180) DOUBLE (1380x1880x180) QUEEN (1520x2030x180) KING (1850x2030x180)
PRICE $2190 $2850 $2950 $3390
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Need a Custom Size?

We can help – our Natural Mattress can be made to custom specifications, please submit your requirements below or contact us on 1300 11 22 33 for a quotation.


Innovative Features


Posturepedic Mattress Sydney Grand Soleil cellular system
Innovative line of mattresses and pillows made with raw materials from renewable natural resources, such as sunflower oil and water. Three different molecular compositions: Monocellular, Bi-cellular, Multicellular. A Dorsal exclusive.

Posturepedic Mattress Matrix Trio Cell
This is the top-of-the-range, with a combination of 3 cell types 33% large – 33% medium – 33% small. A perfect blend of support, balanced pressure & uncompromising comfort, the result soothes muscular tension and provides you with total relaxation.

Posturepedic Mattress Logo 7 zones
Seven zones cores with different grades of firmness to follow correctly the curves of the body and provide optimal support.

Non-Allergenic Posturepedic Mattress Non-Allergenic
Especially recommended for people who want to avoid (or already suffer) dustmite allergies.



Posturepedic Mattress Standards UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2000
Dorsal became ISO 9001 registered in 2001 and renewed certification in 2003 and 2005, conforming to the Vision 2000 standard. Every level of Dorsal organization is involved in this quality process, whose final aim is to increase the company competitiveness and pursue total customer satisfaction.

Posturepedic Mattress Approval CE
EC declaration of conformity in accordance with EEC directive 98/37, formerly 392/89, and subsequent supplements, appendix II point A. Dorsal is authorized to affix CE Marking, which is applied on all motor-driven anatomical bed bases for the safety and protection of the end consumer. Products with CE marking also come with a user manual.

Posturepedic Mattress - CATAS CATAS
Dorsal is a member of the Catas Test Laboratory (used for tests on bed bases and mattresses).

Natural Posturepedic Mattress OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100
The Oeko Tex Standard 100 (baby products class) provides assurance that the product contains no substances that are harmful to humans and that manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and CFC-free.

Organic Posturepedic Mattress C.A.R.M.E.N
The creation of the innovative material has already been given the support of C.A.R.M.E.N., an important renewable resources coordination centre in Baviera: thiscollaboration fully testifies to the environmental awareness of Grand Soleil.


Mattress Covers


Sleep Dry Mattress Cover

Cotton cover with a layer of Softcare foam disperses and evaporates moisture while creating a plush feel.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 60°C.

Naturagento Mattress Cover

Silver fibre and Tencel with softcare filling disperse static electricity and provide a hygienic sleeping environment.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 60°C.


Bamboo Mattress Cover

Made from Bamboo yarn with a cotton filling, great for the warmer months.
Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dustmite-free.
Zippers on 4 sides for removal,machine washable at 30°C.


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Headaches/Neck pains:
Tension in the neck muscles is often aggravated by a poor sleeping posture, or a bad pillow. This tension leads to headaches and neck pains.
Sore Shoulders:
Pressure points will hinder blood circulation causing aching shoulders or Fibrositis.
Back Pain:
Lack of support from the mattress will force the spine into an unnatural position causing back pain and stiffness. Sleeping on a mattress with incorrect support for prolonged periods may cause spinal joints to slightly dislocate causing chronic back pain.
Hip pain:
A too-firm mattress can aggravate the pressure points and hinder blood circulation, this causes hip pain and inflammation of the joints.
Aching Knees:
Pressure points will cause aching in the knee joints; it also leads to numbness and discomfort.
Ankle problems:
Sharp pressure points will cause ankle pain, swollen feet.

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